Cosi si mangia a Napoli!

“This is how we eat in Naples”
When I cook, i am not just adding ingredients together and hoping for the best. I can best describe it as  a journey of  flavours and emotions. Food can represent your past: by evoking a memory, your present, what you are currently enjoying or lastly it could represent your future: your food evolving into something new and exciting! We are a ‘non diet’ family and what i mean by this is we do not eat a certain way all the time. I have however been brought up on the classic ‘Mediterranean” way of eating, as my grandmother is Sicilian and Sicilians eat a lot of fish. As a fact, my grandfather was a fisherman so we would be eating fish atleast 3 times a week. Looking back  on my childhood, we were certainly rich! We ate freshly caught fish and shellfish, consumed predominantly homegrown produce and collected fresh eggs from our pet chickens. Fast forward to today, i wish my children could experience that aswell. I believe it instills so many values into children like respect for our land, respect for our elders that put the time into cooking  and appreciation for what we have.

Eggplant Parmigiana. Cannot be faulted. Simplicity at it’s finest!

When i was little my fondest memories was constantly being surrounded by food. There was always such an abundance. Whenever we would visit our grandparents.. there would be homemade cakes, biscuits, something already  cooking in the oven, food in the fridge, fresh bread baked. It is this exact memory that has driven my passion for food and cooking. I had always dreamt of creating a home with an abundance of love, laughter, Loudness and Food. I got my wish  after meeting the perfect person to has the same passions as me and together we created 2 Children who also speak our ‘Food Language”
In Italy we say:“Benvenuti nella nostra famiglia” – So I officially want to welcome  you into our family!
xx Sarina